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Expansion of renewable energies and new green industries: German-Norwegian Energy Dialogue 2022

The German-Norwegian Energy Dialogue is an arena for dialogue on the most important developments within the German-Norwegian energy cooperation. In cooperation with the embassies of both countries, we gather industry representatives, politicians and organizations from both countries to take part in the discussion on the potential for bilateral energy cooperation, as well as to share ideas and knowledge on market and technology developments. This years dialogue will take place in Oslo on the 20th of September.

The first half of 2022 has yet again put energy security on top of the agenda. As energy security must be achieved in the short term, it is vitally important to align this effort with the long-term goal of achieving deep decarbonization by 2050, at the latest. As events have unfolded, it has become clear that Germany and Norway can benefit from a renewed energy and industry partnership by collaborating on expanding renewable energy production and building new green industries. 

Renewable energy, electrification and electricity-based industrial development is required to build a low-emission European economy by 2050 and to ensure security of supply both in the short and long term. ​In January 2022 Chancellor Scholz and Prime Minister Støre agreed to “strengthen German-Norwegian cooperation around the energy transition and to establish a long-term and structured dialogue in the field of industry and energy. The goal is to achieve shared climate goals, create new green industries and jobs, and strengthen energy security”. This was reinforced in March, when the Norwegian government met with Germany’s minister of Economy and Climate Robert Habeck.  ​

Germany and Norway have complementary technology competences and mutual interest in the expansion of renewable energies and developing new green industries, such as offshore wind and solar power, CCS, production and recycling of batteries, hydrogen, building a smart and resistant electricity grid or electricity-based transportation at sea, land or in the air. ​

Norwegian industry sees vast opportunities in taking a leading role in the energy transformation and see the importance of close cooperation with the authorities/governments to ensure that infrastructure and framework conditions enables a fast transition. ​In Germany, measures are taken to ensure security of supply. In addition to being the core building block in the energy transition, renewable energy will be a cornerstone in this effort. The traffic light coalition has increased its renewables target to 80 % by 2030. Coal power shall ideally be shut down by 2030 but will play an important role in the short term to ensure security of supply. ​

Both countries have an interest in deepening the collaboration along these lines. The German-Norwegian Energy Dialogue shall explore the opportunities and discuss how closer bilateral collaboration may be of mutual benefit to both countries. ​

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Key topics and questions to be discussed​ at the German-Norwegian Energy Dialogue:

  1. Safeguarding energy security on the way to net zero 
    Todays geopolitical situation: how does it affect the energy cooperation between Norway and Germany and how can the two countries work closer together to secure a reliable supply of energy whilst reducing emissions​
  2. Exploring opportunities within the expansion of renewable energies and new green industries 
    How can Germany and Norway accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy by exploring opportunities for cooperation on concrete projects? ​
    ​How can such cooperation contribute to a well-functioning energy system with security of supply?​
  3. Establishing and expanding bilateral networks in offshore renewable energy and carbon capture and storage